1. What is Active Balancing?
    Spin Balancing while you drive.  Atlas Balance will not only balance your tyres, Atlas Balance will balance your wheel assembly being the wheel and hub.

  2. How does it work?
    With centrifugal force, the liquid will always find the light side.

  3. What is the Liquid?
    A. Recycled Liquid Metal , it will not Freeze or Boil at any temperature that you will drive at and can find a precise unbalanced area in the tyre by as much as a micro second.

  4. Will the liquid wear out?
    A. NO, Liquid Metal is the ONLY non Frictional liquid known to mankind that will not wear, therefore allowing it to outlast the life span of the vehicle and can be recycled onto other vehicles over and over again.

  5. Is the Liquid Metal a hazard?
    ONLY if it is ingested, inhaled, gargled or injected – and who plans to do that?

  6. If I had an accident will I need to contact any hazard services?
    NO, the Atlas Balance System is a one of its kind, triple sealed bladder to keep the balance agent in place.

  7. Do my tyres need to be pre-balanced?
    NO, that’s exactly what the Atlas Balance System does (balance), regardless of how many rotations per kilometre your tyres are moving and changing at.

  8. Will bad shocks cause bad tyre wear?
    Shocks are there to protect the tyre so yes, it does make a difference as tyres are such an occurring asset, every steering component wearing will bring friction which puts pressure upon the balance.

  9. If I have set counter weights in place prior, should I remove them?
    Yes, as the foreign material will interfere with the way the balancers work.

  10. When does balancing start?
    It begins between 40 and 50 kph for vehicles with 22.5 or 24.5 tyres.

  11. How is it installed?
    Simply over the brake drum / disc behind the wheel or between the drive and trailer wheels.

  12. What tyres need to be balanced?
    All of them. Steers are the most common, and then install on drives and trailer. With everything in balance the truck is not pulling as hard saving on fuel and tyre wear.

  13. Why should Atlas Balance be used on the rear and free-rolling wheels?
    The trailer wheels are "just like the steers" – they are FREE-rolling wheels and NEED balancing just like the steers.


    Remember, “When it’s Atlas, it’s balanced.”