How It Works

Atlas Balance works on the basic principles of physics:

With centrifugal force being created by a rotating tyre and wheel that is out of balance, the liquid weight fluid being liquid metal which is free-moving within the ring to positions along the ring, this will exactly offset any light and heavy spots, thereby eliminating the vibration and creating equilibrium within the rotating mass. When positioned, the Centrifugal Force holds the LIQUID METAL in that position until a different vibrational resonance pattern develops from tyre wear or from stones, mud or ice sticking to the tyre or wheel with every rotation, which instantly forces the fluid to its new equilibrium positions.

The next question is why use liquid metal? It’s simple, it works faster than anything involving both oil and buck shot ball bearings. It is a product which never wears out unlike the other products which start wearing out from day one.  Being a liquid it’s able to move more to precise areas as the wheel’s counterweight which can be done by the microseconds as the wheel is in motion. So consider this fact. A 22.5 wheel can rotate approximately 30 000 times within an hour at the speed of 90 – 100 kilometres. At that speed liquid metal outweighs unbalanced tyres as a counter weight over just over one kilogram due to centrifugal force

Continual – Instant – Dynamic self-adjustment
The Atlas Balance System will precisely, instantly and dynamically self-adjust to tyre and wheel imbalance because nature MUST have equilibrium, and natural forces will act on the counterbalancing fluid to eliminate vibrational resonance and disequilibrium.

Better Braking and Vehicle Control
When sudden braking or slowing occurs, the fluids continue to spin for several revolutions until they slow down to the wheel speed. Therefore, the fluid moving at high speed and weighing nearly 28 ounces per wheel whip around the ring at ten to fifteen revolutions per second.

On sudden braking over hard bumps or across sheets of water to create a road-hugging controllability and anti-sway, anti-drift and anti-trailer hop and bounce effect gives our clients guaranteed satisfaction, especially the flammable and chemical haulers who religiously put Atlas Balance on their trailer axles.

Tested- Proven – Guaranteed
Atlas Balance is a tested and proven device which works on a long understood and basic engineering principles. The major components of the Atlas Balance system are the ring and the fluid (liquid metal), both an integral part of what makes the balancer work. Both work in harmony and are precisely proportioned in order for the physics to function properly.Atlas Balance technology will eliminate the uneven tyre wear caused by tyre imbalance, extending useful life of your tyre. Atlas Balance will also provide better traction and improved braking performance regardless of road conditions as well offers a cost effective to the job of balancing tyres the traditional way. Atlas Balance mounts directly behind the wheel assembly which keeps it out of harm’s way as opposed to other wheel balance products which sit on the outer side of the hub and can be damaged.

Atlas Balance Company offers a clear solution to the challenge of better performance both for your trucks and your bottom-line profit. Any out-of-balance condition in the wheel-tyre assembly creates uneven tyre wear, reducing tyre life.

Atlas Balance Company will prevent this condition and offer:

Increased- tyre life up to 50%
Increased– fuel savings up to 7% or more driving 100km per hour.
Increased– driver productivity due to less fatigue, less back problems.
Increased– safety and better braking
Increased– braking and braking life
Decreased– overall maintenance costs
Decreased– downtime

Remember, “when it’s Atlas, it’s balanced”